A Secret Among the Stars

We arrived on this unassuming, near-deserted world, following orders to cleanse it of Reaper Cults. We could never have known what we’d find.

Under crumbling infrastructure lay ancient, and yet highly advanced facilities, with secrets & data that cannot fall into enemy hands. But the enemies were already here. Besides the Reaper Cults we had been tasked to destroy, we encountered Scalian Rangers, so far from the Ishtari worlds. And it is only a matter of time before the Dragoons who have been stalking us decide it is time to strike. As knowledge of this world spreads, even more of our enemies descend to challenge us.

And yet, do the fools on the Imperial Council care? No. They ignore our requests for greater assistance, demanding more proof of the importance of this world. Instead it is up to us to intercept the enemy – wherever they are, and whatever they plan. We will stop them.

But not for the decadent cows in the core. We fight for the empire. The True Empire. The one that, through blood, sweat and tears, once united humanity, and will do so once again. The council hears whispers of far off Rebellion, and treat it as just another distant conflict. Well, they will know.

Although opposing the Ishtari Rangers is our mission tonight, it is but one step in the path ahead. The secrets we have found already can change everything, and only solidifies our resolve. We will plumb the depths of this world, and we will use the secrets here to show the Council, they can ignore us no longer. It is not rebellion they ignore. It is Revolution.

– Vanguard Commander Kell Xian, before the Teilla III Incident.


The Vanguard

Elite forces of the Empire.

The Special Forces of The Hammer are the best of the best – trained in both assault and ranged combat, and armed with the gear to get the job done – at any cost.

Reaper Cults

Corrupted mad men, twisted by the Stygian Virus

Hidden human cults are perhaps the most insidious of the Stygian Virus spread. Reaper Cults can spring up out of nowhere and overtake a city or continent, following the orders of horrific gods conjured by their delusional fever dreams.


Post Humans who strike like lightning & death.

Far ahead of the Celestial fleets are secret teams of Dragoons, who have infiltrated numerous worlds. They are as capricious as their fleets – appearing out of nowhere for unknown reasons, attacking with deadly precision, and then fading away just as quickly.

Technocrat Strike Teams

Implacable Cyborgs come to claim what is theirs.

With Technocrats moving back into Known Space, their covert teams have begun to make moves as well. Technocrat teams deploy in plodding but advanced integrated battle frames with powerful inbuilt weaponry.

Rangers of Ishtar

Scouts of the Scalian & Furian worlds.

The Rangers of Ishtar are the advanced forces of Ishtar – composed of tightly bonded forces from the many Scalian & Furian worlds, selected for long distance scouting and elimination missions. Their specialised, precision weaponry was forged in the tumult of their most extreme worlds, made all the more deadly by the marksmanship of their bearer’s eyes.