A Fast Future Skirmish Tabletop Miniatures Game

Fast Playing Combat

The game’s fast pace and 7-12 miniatures keeps the game going and finished in under an hour.

Easy to Learn & Play

Gameplay is streamlined and clean, so you can focus on your dice and actions, not reading a tome of rules.

Dynamic Gameplay

Units dodge shots, focus fire, and drive foes back in combat, keeping the tides of battle shifting.

Blood of Stars

Blood of Stars is a sci-fi skirmish miniatures game where 2 strike teams clash in vital research facilities on a once forgotten planet. Reactive movement, tactics and the Strike Point system keep things easy to play while giving your decisions impact. Games are fast and deadly, where every roll counts and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Try Now

We know that getting into a game, even a skirmish one, can be tough. So we created free base rules and a Force Builder, to help you get started. Read the rules, build a team, or try an Iconic Team, and get playing now!

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